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Healthcare centre cleaning

in accordance with the sanitary regulations and standards
and Russian State Standard GOST R 51870
MosCleaning provides professional cleaning services for healthcare centres. Healthcare centre cleaning is performed in accordance with the sanitary regulations and Federal Service for the Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare standards. That means compulsory compliance with a large number of rules.  Our cleaners are provided with a full set of cleaning equipment, all the necessary cleansers and sanitizers, licensed for use in healthcare centres.
Our cleaners always stick to all standards of hygiene and sanitation. Dry and wet cleaning of walls, manual or machine floor cleaning, sanitation of floor, window sills, door handles will be performed as well. Furthermore, we do cleaning and sanitation of bathrooms, rubbish bins and space around them, last but not least, garbage disposal.
It is crucial to keep healthcare centre clean and sanitized. Clean and sanitized room significantly reduces the risk of getting infected and provides a safe and healthy working environment for the personnel.
We use a color-coded cleaning system in order to prevent cross-contamination among the rooms. That means that we never use the same microfiber cloths, mops or buckets for cleaning bathrooms and lobby or medical rooms. We use that approach and other measures to prevent the spread of infections or of dangerous bacteria in your healthcare centre.
Medical cleaning differs from cleaning your home, restaurant, or office. Cleaning services in healthcare centres have to work diligently and meticulously to comply with these standards, otherwise, risk of getting infected rises. We always stick to all sorts of rules and procedures, and we understand the specifics that we may face while cleaning healthcare centres. A clean and sanitised healthcare centre ranks higher than the others. That can lead to business expansion and higher performance of the company..
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  • 1Contact us via 8(495) 150-13-45
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  • 6We create absolutely clean working environment!
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